Stepping Stones First Step is a multi-module app to make learning fun for kids. This is the "First Step" pack, and has the "first steps" your child can take to start learning the fun way! All the fundamental skill sets needed for a foundation in literacy are addressed. The language section start off with an app that teaches your child the alphabet using animals. This learning is extended by giving a "counters" like game for them to create simple three letter words. Another app helps them to identify letters within a word with yet another asking them to identify which letter a particular word starts with. There is also an app that asks them identify a picture using the words they have learned so far. The math section have apps that ask your child to identify shapes, makes them trace the shape to familiarize the child with them, shows them how to count amounts and identify patterns. Similarly, the science section has apps that use observation skills to identify and match colors and tiles. Another app helps them to learn how to identify the odd one out of a group. All the modules are interlinked to strengthen conceptual understanding so that the concepts that are introduced in one are reemphasized by the other. Children learn best when they have fun and by repetition. All the modules, and the app as a whole, are designed with that in mind. Concepts are introduced gradually and in a very simple way building on what was learnt earlier so that the whole process is fun, gradual and painless. Each module is child driven so there is no time limit for these levels giving your child the freedom to learn at their own pace while keeping them engaged in a fun, useful activity. Newer modules will be added when your child has mastered the current level and is ready to move onto the next level.

We want that education by which character is formed.
Swami Vivekananda(1863-1902)
Indian philosopher

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